Save Money, Save The Planet
Save Money, Save The Planet
Save Money. Save The Planet Call-832-444-4890
Save Money. Save The PlanetCall-832-444-4890

We Have New Cartridge & Refill  for HP 952 and 952XL With Page Reading (same as HP ink) 

Save more by Refilling this ink cartridge, we can offer the refill with the smart chip or with out the smart chip

Refill the HP 932 933 Regular and XL

We are allways trying to give the best service now you can bring your HP 932 and 933 to Refill

New  & Refills For HP 950 & 951 Regular and XL. With Page Reading

If you have the  HP 8600 now you can refill and save. Call us and see our Great ink Quality and the BIG savings by buying genuine but refilled cartridges or by refill your own cartridges. 

Save up to 50% by ordered your Cartridges With US. 

Save Money Save the Planet/ Call now, Free Delivery on Almost all Products


There is no better way to save money and Save the planet than to refill your ink and Toner Cartridges.


Here are a Few Facts:

  • Every year more than 300 million plastic cartridges end up dumped in landfills in the United States and around the world.
  • Just in the United States, around 8 cartridges are thrown away every second of every day.
  • The plastic in each toner cartridge takes three and a half quarts of oil to produce.
  • Last year, approximately two and a half million cartridges were refilled saving more than 3.3 million gallons of oil.
  • The average toner cartridge weighs 3 to 4 pounds, which means that the total weight thrown out each year is equivalent to 67,812 Ford Explorers or 112,663 Volkswagen Beetles.
  • 68 percent of used cartridges are currently being thrown out around the world.
  • For every cartridge that is refilled is one less that will be produced, saving it from entering the waste stream and from draining the planet's natural resources.


With more than 20 Years of Experience Save on Ink provides you with a large selection of ink and toners, and more than one option to save your money.


At Save On Ink we are always focused on 100% customer satisfaction and affordable printing supplies.



New Ink and Toner Cartrdiges Always on Stock

Why Should I Buy Ink and Toner Cartridges?


We have Seven good reasons why you should refill a Inkjet or Toner Cartridge:

  1. It's Easy. Contact Save on Ink and have quality refills delivered to your door today*. Hand over your empties, save money and help protect our environment.
  2. Price. Recycled cartridges cost 35% to 60% less than new OEM ones.
  3. Reduces Waste. Of the Millions of inkjet and Toner cartridges purchased annually, only 20 to 25 percent are currently recycled (refilled). The rest, usually over 400 million have been dumped in landfill sites. (Refill not Landfill)
  4. Save Natural Resources. One Liter (about32oz) of oil is required to produce one new Toner cartridge. This year alone cartridge recycling will save over 20 Million liters. (5,350,000 gallons of Oil)
  5. Excellent Quality. When you Refill your empty  cartridges we put high-quality components, toners and inks giving uncompromising print quality and durability
  6. Creates jobs. Save on Ink like Most recyclers are local, small businesses creating jobs for local people to the benefit of the local community. Most new cartridges are imported.
  7. It's Your Right. You have the right to choose the products of your choice. The printer manufacturer would like you to choose a new cartridge every time, yet recycled cartridges are fully compatible.

Compare and Save

Original VS Refill

Why Pay more? When you can save  hundreds by refilling your Toner. At our store you will find great service, astounding quality in various toner brands we refill at affordable prices, and the Best Part is.... that it only takes less than 1 hour.

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