Save Money. Save The Planet
Save Money. Save The Planet

What is Refilling?

It's simply reusing ink and toner cartridges so they can print again. Cartridges are dissassembled and cleaned, and any necessary replacement parts are added. High quality toner or ink is added giving excelent printing results.

Why Should I Refill my Empty Ink and Toner Cartridges?


We have Seven good reasons why you should refill a Inkjet or Toner Cartridge:

  1. It's Easy. Contact Save on Ink and have quality refills delivered to your door today*. Hand over your empties, save money and help protect our environment.
  2. Price. Recycled cartridges cost 35% to 60% less than new OEM ones.
  3. Reduces Waste. Of the Millions of inkjet and Toner cartridges purchased annually, only 20 to 25 percent are currently recycled (refilled). The rest, usually over 400 million have been dumped in landfill sites. (Refill not Landfill)
  4. Save Natural Resources. One Liter (about32oz) of oil is required to produce one new Toner cartridge. This year alone cartridge recycling will save over 20 Million liters. (5,350,000 gallons of Oil)
  5. Excellent Quality. When you Refill your empty  cartridges we put high-quality components, toners and inks giving uncompromising print quality and durability
  6. Creates jobs. Save on Ink since Most recyclers are local, small businesses creating jobs for local people to the benefit of the local community. Most new cartridges are imported.
  7. It's Your Right. You have the right to choose the products of your choice. The printer manufacturer would like you to choose a new cartridge every time, yet recycled cartridges are fully compatible.

Is it OK to keep printing if my cartridge is showing signs of running out of ink?

No. Like the gas tank in your car, don't let the tank run empty!

Ink helps keep the resistors from overheating. Printing with an empty cartridge can cause irreparable heat damage to the resistors.

With tri-color cartridges, this applies even if only one of the colors runs out. You risk damaging the cartridge if you continue to use it with one tank empty.

What are some signs that my cartridge is running out of ink?

The two most common signs are:

  1. White streaks where there should be black ink 
  2. Lighter-than-normal print. 

Sometimes these also can be signs of clogged nozzles, bad circuit or worn internal components. Here at Save on Ink we can make that determination.

What do I do with a cartridge that is no longer recyclable?

One sure rule is that all Inkjet and Toner cartridges will eventually reach the end of their life cycles. And they don't ever seem to fail at the same time that they run out of ink! You eventually will need to buy a new cartridge or obtain another empty that can be refilled. 

Here at Save on INK we can help you with remanufactured cartridges or if we have an empty cartridge in stock, that will be provided to you at no additional cost, that way you are able to refill it again.

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